Military and Police

Top selection, reality based tactical training, and proven experience.

Gold Coast K9 has a proven record of providing exceptional dogs that handle high pressure tactical first deployments. Our team is known for its expertise in training successful professional dogs and K9 teams that know how to succeed. Our 20-acre facility has been custom designed to prepare and conditions K9 teams for advanced operation techniques. We don’t tout our past successes, because our current experience is far more important. Come take a look at our facility and product and you will see why we stand out above the others!

Gold Coast K9 Detection Teams are an excellent tool to deter the use or storage of drugs, contraband, or dangerous substances in sensitive environments such as schools, public outdoor venues, and the workplace. Dogs can detect the presence of narcotics, guns, or explosives and react with a passive response that is read by the handler. Handlers are fully trained professionals aware of the needs of sensitive locations and keep distractions to a minimum.

When you hire Gold Coast K9 to patrol your site, a professional K9 team will arrive at your location in an unmarked climate-controlled SUV with two highly trained, certified Detection K9’s. Our K9’s do not sniff people nor are they used for intimidation. We use breeds such as Springer Spaniels, Labs, Malinois and Dutch Shepherds.

All of our K9’s live in a family environment, are sociable, and enjoy being around people.

Gold coast K9 detection teams can detect the following odors* in a passive response:

Marijuana, Heroin, Cocaine, and Methamphetamine

Guns & Explosives
Up to eight different odors can be detected, contact for info.

Gold Coast K9 adheres to a strict confidentiality policy. We agree not to give interviews to television, radio, newspaper, or periodical representatives regarding their association with Gold Coast K9 or its clients. We also agree not to give any personal opinions or comments concerning our clients.

* No single K9 can detect both narcotic and explosive odors. Each K9 has a specific specialty in either Narcotics, guns or Explosives but not both.

Who Uses Detection Services?

Heads of State
Major motion picture/television studios
Movie premieres
State and local correctional facilities
Private industry
School districts
Law Enforcement Agencies
Residential homes
Sports stadiums
Promoters of civic events