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Dog Questions

Why do you call them “protection dogs” rather than “attack dogs”?

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A highly-trained protection dog has conditioned behaviors and associations that respond to very specific commands. The protection dog is a professionally trained, confident, and socially balanced member of the family. The perception of an attack ...

Are the dogs safe to be around our children?

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We select our dogs based on client needs. If a client has children, we select dogs that were raised with children, have a balanced temperament, and can be calm. Many of our client’s dogs often ...

How are your dogs around other animals?

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Our facility is located on twenty acres where we have horses, goats, and chickens. We inoculate the dogs to all our animals by training with and around them so they are not distracted by their ...

What if I have other dogs, will this type of dog be ok with them?

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Yes, if that is the client’s criteria. If a client has other dogs we will select a dog that has been raised in a family setting where other dogs were present. When we deliver the ...

I have seen attack dogs on TV and they look aggressive or crazy, are these dogs like that? Will the dog be aggressive in my house?

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Our dogs are not attack dogs, they are family companions with added abilities. The dogs are specifically selected for their upbringing in family environments, balanced temperament, social acceptance, and overall confidence. We only select dogs ...