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FAQ About Home Protection Dogs

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I have seen attack dogs on TV and they look aggressive or crazy, are these dogs like that? Will the dog be aggressive in my house?

Our dogs are not attack dogs, they are family companions with added abilities. The dogs are specifically selected for their upbringing in family environments, balanced temperament, social acceptance, and overall confidence. We only select dogs that meet our strict criteria and that are not “crazy” or overly-aggressive. The dog will be well mannered when in the house and have strict obedience. In addition, we train the owner on how to reinforced obedience with a clear and consistent management program and even provide you with a manual for everything regarding your new companion.

What if I have other dogs, will this type of dog be ok with them?

Yes, if that is the client’s criteria. If a client has other dogs we will select a dog that has been raised in a family setting where other dogs were present. When we deliver the new dog, we will make a neutral introduction to the existing dog(s) to eliminate the stimulation and anxiety, and create a multiple dog house hold guideline.

How are your dogs around other animals?

Our facility is located on twenty acres where we have horses, goats, and chickens. We inoculate the dogs to all our animals by training with and around them so they are not distracted by their movements or odors.

Are the dogs safe to be around our children?

We select our dogs based on client needs. If a client has children, we select dogs that were raised with children, have a balanced temperament, and can be calm. Many of our client’s dogs often actually sleep in the children’s bedroom.

Why do you call them “protection dogs” rather than “attack dogs”?

A highly-trained protection dog has conditioned behaviors and associations that respond to very specific commands. The protection dog is a professionally trained, confident, and socially balanced member of the family. The perception of an attack dog is that they are untrained and unbalanced, and that they bark and bite unprovoked.

Why are your dogs so expensive?

We have over thirty-years’ experience, and we have built relationships all over the world in the working dog community. We know where to travel throughout the world to find that unique dog for our client’s exact specifications. We then bring the dog back to our facility and begin an extensive (minimum of thirty days) training and evaluation period, where the dogs are measured, tested, and validated before they are even shown to or considered for prospective clients. No one else in the industry is evaluating the dog’s performance and attributes to our level of scrutiny. Our dogs are trained to our highly successful standards for each type of environment they will live and work. Each dog needs a different type of personality, conditioning, and training for their environments. Whether an unmatched family companion or earning awards like High in Trial, Top Dog, National Champion, or Medal of Valor, our dogs are perfect for your goals. Moreover, our dogs are guaranteed, veterinarian certified, and trained on an unmatched training facility, with top-notch services. When you combine the thoroughness of our training program and the quality of our dogs, you find that Gold Coast K9 is truly unique.

What are GCK9 guarantees?

All dogs are guaranteed to be healthy at time of purchase by a licensed veterinarian and include a health certificate, current vaccinations, hip and elbow x-rays, if not prior certified.

If buyer is not satisfied with the dog during the first year, GCK9 will replace the dog, no questions asked. Buyer simply pays shipping cost.

Do you offer training courses?

Yes. We offer multiple courses including regularly scheduled maintenance, annual advanced training, annual performance certification, a series of service-dog specific courses, and custom courses. We can design any level or specialty course required and go anywhere to conduct them. Simply call and discuss the needs and we will help fulfill your goals.

Why a buy dog instead of an alarm?

A typical alarm generally will not tell you when someone is outside, it simply reacts to an action. A trained dog’s keen sense is a first-line deterrent in providing and maintaining a secure perimeter. Our real-world experience has taught us, based on actual interviews with suspects, that criminals do not want to be confronted by a dog, simply because dogs do not negotiate, which creates insecurity and fear in those uninvited individuals.

What is the dog buying process?

We encourage you to simply call, or you can view our website, read some of our nationally published K9 articles, view some K9 training videos, and if possible, visit our facility. Ultimately, visiting our facility is always best, so we can meet you and hear what you are looking for, understand your overall expectations, and show you several dogs and their capabilities in person (to either choose from or get an idea of what you would like us to find for you). If you cannot visit our facility to view our dogs and what we do, we can provide you with a menu of current dogs with their bio and trained capabilities. Once you agree on a dog, we will send you an agreement that requires 50% down and the remainder 50% upon delivery. You can either come to our facility for a three-day orientation and training or we can deliver the dog to your location and conduct a three- day orientation and training there. Payment can be by wire, cash, check, or credit card.