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About Home Protection Dogs

Gold Coast K9 trains and develops top-tier home protection dogs that leverage their specialized security and protection training to keep their home and families safe. Each home protection dog is hand-selected and goes through a rigorous screening process prior to training to determine their natural physical and mental aptitudes. This in-depth evaluation ensures they have the ideal temperament and work ethic to create the perfect family companion and home protector.

Our K9 Home Protectors include German Shepherds, Malinois, Dutch Shepherds and Doberman Pinschers who are thoroughly trained in obedience, agility, barking on command, searching a residence for intruders, and searching/monitoring outdoor perimeters. Gold Coast K9 dogs are also well-socialized with other dogs, humans, and animals of other species to ensure they are extremely well balanced, sociable, and vigilant.

The Gold Coast Guarantee

“Gold Coast K9 provided our family with the most loving, obedient, and intelligent dog. Don is not just a family pet but a full fledged member of our family who fiercely will protect us if need be, yet he is as docile as lamb. We are forever grateful to Gold Coast K9 for Blessing our home with the most incredible addition to our family.”

The Polamalu Family
Troy Polamalu (Pittsburgh Steelers Retired)

“We have owned dogs our whole lives, and do not work in law enforcement. There is no dog, nor will there ever be another dog for us like DYS. He is a unicorn! His loyalty and obedience are unmatched. His search and protection skills along with his ability to execute his duties as a working law enforcement dog, will compete in any official police environment. Yet, he is OUR FAMILY dog. Sweet, lovable, and kind. Happy to snuggle up with us or take a leisurely walk. All of this can only be attributed to the experience and expertise of the Spicer family, Gold Coast K-9 and their staff. Rodney Spicer and his team have perfected this training in literally a state of the art facility. Gold Coasts’ personal attention is only matched by their professionalism and knowledge. But you don’t just get a dog. You get a true and most loyal friend. Our time spent with The Spicers has been priceless.”

Jerry Levine, Nina Tassler and Family

Our History

Gold Coast began from one man’s love of dogs and developed into a world class training and performance center. Rodney Spicer transitioned to actual working-dog training in 1985. He purchased his first dog, a beautiful German Shepherd named Arras, and began working obedience skills. Rodney had a natural ability to read and work with Arras and together they were a great team. After some initial success with Arras, Rodney branched out and joined a working dog club, ultimately taking Arras and several other dogs to titles. In 1991, Rodney founded Gold Coast K9. Gold Coast K9 and Rodney went on to successfully compete regionally and nationally as handler, helper/agitator, training director, and judge.

As Gold Coast K9’s capabilities grew through competition, Rodney focused on training police, military, and high-risk private client service dogs in both patrol and detection. Gold Coast K9’s unique, common-sense approach to overcoming real world distractions, pressures, and changing environments, while maintaining drive, enthusiasm, and goal oriented direction set a standard in the K9 training world. Gold Coast K9 teams went on to receive numerous awards including top dog, top agency, agitator’s choice, and medal of valor.

Our Team

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Rodney Jr.
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Our team takes their real world experiences and travels the world on a regular basis to hand-select and test our canine candidates.

Our Facilty

Today, Gold Coast K9 has a twenty-acre training facility located in Moorpark, Southern California. The facility is specifically designed to condition, test, and train dogs for their unique environments, from private family protection companion to military working-dog. In addition, the Gold Coast K9 team tests and measures numerous attributes on all our dogs, conducting analysis to support enhanced selection and training techniques for increased performance and reliability.

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