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Breaker Quick Release Tool



This tool was designed for Police and Military K9 use in both patrol and detection scenarios. During a K9 apprehension scenario some dogs may refuse to “release” from the apprehension due to a variety of reasons. In this day and age when deployments can be videotaped and uploaded to social media, the noncompliance of the dog to release on command may give the perception of control issues in the courtroom and with agency administration. This innovative quick release tool removes those concerns and the conflict that comes with the “tactical” release of a K9.


How to Use

The quick release tool is slipped between the K9’s back molars and when pressed down on the back of the tongue, it causes the dog to release his grip. This is quick, humane, and does not injure the dog in any way.

This quick release tool is not designed to train a “release” command. It has been designed to be used during training in both patrol and detection, and real working deployments. All dogs should have a good “release” command as part of their training and certification.

Additional information

Weight 8.3 oz