Purchasing and Training Home Protection Dogs

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Cost of Home Protection Dogs

starting at $30,000.00

Our beautiful and highly trained dogs range in price based on their overall capabilities, training, socialization, and Gold Coast K9 certification. All Gold Coast K9 Home Protector dogs have a minimum standard of capability and training; however, every dog can receive higher levels of customized skills.

Gold Coast K9 Home Protection Dog
Balanced with family, public environments, and other pets
Independently search residence and alert at threat
Fully obedient on and off leash
Pressure Ready
Inoculated to gun fire and other loud noises
Environmental Confidence
Agility trained for climbing, jumping, and tunnels
Bark on command
Easy Going
House and kennel trained
Go to designated place and lie down
Threat Protection
Able to protect against multiple attackers
Medically cleared and healthy
Stop and return on command
Gold Coast K9 Certified
Tested and monitored
Custom Gold Coast Home Protection Dog

Our dogs are highly capable and can be trained to handle specialized client requirements. A custom dog will have all the Gold Coast K9 Home Protector basic capabilities. Pricing for our custom dogs is based on attributes and training requirements. Some of the capabilities include:

Residence Search: Alert and guard on barricaded or hidden threat
Exterior perimeter search: alert and guard on barricaded or hidden threat
Explosives, narcotics, gun, bed bug, or other specified odor detection
Group weapons and tactics understanding
Recall from threat apprehension
Handler training for security detail
Cease pursuit and reattack
Livestock and animal socialized
Vehicle deployment and protection
Go to bathroom on command
Laser direction trained
Socialized for airplanes and helicopters
Tracking capable
Extensive real world application experience

Home Protector Training Offerings

Home Protection Dog Maintenance Training
$1,500.00 per day

We recommend that you and your dog receive up to 16 hours of training per month (best if broken up every two weeks if possible). This level of training will ensure you and your companion are working flawlessly together and it allows us to continue working on the core skills and obedience. However, we understand there are busy schedules and lives, so we can recommend options that will suit your personal needs. These training sessions can be held at the Gold Coast K9 facility or buyer’s location. Buyer provides lodging and transportation.

Hme Annual Refresher Training
starting at $5,500.00

Annual refresher training is an important part of ensuring your companion is as ready and sharp as possible. We will conduct an Annual Refresher training course of 40 hours at Gold Coast K9 facility in Southern California. Options to travel to buyer’s location are possible. Buyer provides lodging and transportation.

Home Protection Dog Special Training Programs
$1,500.00 (dependent on training and requirements)

Develop specialized training programs to suit client needs at Gold Coast K9 facility or buyer’s facility. Buyer provides lodging and transportation. Cost depends on training and requirements.